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Our Services

We're unlocking the power of your genome

Our Business Model

Bringing Advanced Genetics With Healthcare

At PGxAI, we're not just another B2B service. We stand at the intersection of cutting-edge genetic search and healthcare, forging partnership that matter.

Who We Partner With

  • Access to Advanced Technologies: Collaborating with PGxAI provides laboratories with access to the largest AI-driven platform in the field of pharmacogenetics.
  • Expansion of Services: Laboratories can offer their clients a broader range of diagnostic services through integration with PGxAI, increasing revenue.
  • Joint Research: The opportunity to participate in joint scientific research and developments, thereby enhancing the laboratory's image.

  • Personalized Medicine: Integrating patients' genetic data into the healthcare system allows for more accurate and individualized treatment methods, which will enhance the effectiveness and safety of patient therapy.
  • Preventinve Medicine: The ability to detect potential health problems at an early stage and prevent their development.

  • Risk Management: Thanks to genetic data, insurance companies can better assess risks and provide individualized insurance plans, significantly reducing company expenses.
  • Cost Reduction: A personalized approach to treatment can reduce Top of Form

Why Partner With Us?


With our expertise, treatments can be tailored to the individual, ensuring maximum efficacy and minimum side effects.


We're constantly evolving, integrating the latest in genetic research into our offerings.

Collaborative Growth

Our partnerships aren't just about business; they're about growing together, sharing knowledge, and jointly pushing the boundaries of what's possible in healthcare.

EnablingSafe & Efficient Drug Therapy
Based On The Results Of Genetic Testing

Join us in our mission to redefine healthcare, making it more personalized, effective, and forward-thinking.